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Miami-Dade Commissioner Kevin Cabrera, who has previously shown support for former President Trump, highlighted Trump’s charismatic nature and his understanding of loyalty and networking within the political sphere. Cabrera, who served as a Florida state director for Trump and the Republican National Committee in the 2020 election, pointed out that a recent straw poll reinforces Miami-Dade County’s strong support for Trump.

A video from POLITICO shows the room bursting into applause and chants of “Trump, Trump, Trump” as state Rep. Alex Rizo, a supporter of Governor DeSantis and chair of Miami-Dade Republicans, announced the straw poll results, which were cast using paper ballots. This poll indicates a notable shift, as DeSantis had successfully turned Miami-Dade County, traditionally Democrat, to Republican in his 2022 gubernatorial reelection.

However, since DeSantis entered the presidential race, his support among critical Florida demographics such as Hispanics, women, and independents has reportedly waned. An anonymous meeting attendee noted that attempts by some to position themselves to the right of Trump have been unsuccessful, as Trump is seen as the embodiment of the right-wing standard in the party.

Another anonymous participant reflected on the straw poll results, suggesting that grassroots support has shifted away from DeSantis. Trump’s efforts to assert his dominance in Florida have included securing endorsements from the Republican congressional delegation and winning over some state lawmakers who previously supported DeSantis. Notably, most GOP-controlled Legislature members have endorsed DeSantis.

Amidst these dynamics, Trump has been actively engaging with Florida GOP members. He hosted state Republicans at Mar-a-Lago and held a counter-rally in Hialeah, offering VIP seating to grassroots supporters, while his GOP presidential rivals debated in Miami.

Nationally, Trump continues to lead in GOP polls, with a significant margin over DeSantis and others, highlighting his enduring influence and popularity within the party.