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Haley Calls Trump Senile

Neither the campaigns of Haley nor Trump provided immediate responses to NBC News’ request for comment. Haley has been vocal about her proposal for mental competency tests for federal officeholders above 75, a stance that targets both Biden and Trump.

On Saturday, Haley made some of her most direct comments yet regarding Trump’s fitness for office. Meanwhile, Trump has previously alleged that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declined additional security offered by his administration for January 6. However, the House select committee investigating the January 6 attack found no evidence to back Trump’s claim, noting in its final report that Trump’s acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller contradicted this assertion in his sworn testimony.

Both Haley and Trump have focused on Biden’s age in their campaigns, suggesting he is mentally unfit for the presidency. Following Haley’s remarks on Saturday, Biden’s campaign was quick to circulate a video clip of her statement.

Betsy Ankney, Haley’s campaign manager, commented at a Bloomberg News forum on Saturday afternoon, acknowledging a recent gaffe by Biden. She emphasized that Haley has consistently argued for the need for mental competency tests for older politicians and the importance of a new generation of leadership. “That’s what we’re continuing to focus on,” Ankney stated.