Demand Special Prosecutor For Biden Mishandling Secret Files

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The White House revealed earlier this week that classified documents were discovered at the Washington, D.C. office for President Biden’s think tank, the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, in early November.

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House Republicans are preparing a cascade of investigations, some overlapping, into the Biden administration and its policies. Right-wing lawmakers have said the ultimate goal is to impeach the president.

What committees are involved: The Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is led by Representative James R. Comer, Republican of Kentucky, and potentially the new Judiciary subcommittee.

Substantive policy questions: The Oversight Committee says the purpose of its inquiry is to inform legislation to strengthen federal ethics laws and to ensure that financial institutions have the proper internal controls and compliance programs to alert federal agencies of potential money-laundering activity.

Biden Rating

Biden’s approval rating jumped 6.6 points to 49, the highest since April. The IBD/TIPP presidential job approval measure indicates that 49% of adults who stated an opinion approve of Biden’s job performance and 51% disapprove, in a measure that excludes those who were unsure or declined to state an opinion.

Including the full survey group, 46% of American adults approve how Biden is handling the presidency, and 48% disapprove. That net -2 approval rating improved from August’s -14, with 39% approval and 53% disapproval. It also marks an improvement from July’s -9, with 40% approval and 49% disapproval, as well as June’s -12 with 37% approval and 49% disapproval.

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The bounce in Biden’s approval rating came as his standing among independents improved from dire levels. Net disapproval of Biden narrowed to 21 points among independents from 36 points in August. Now, 57% of independents pan Biden’s job performance and 36% approve. That compares with 62%-26% in August and 60%-26% in July.