Arkansas Governor Sanders Requires Official Use of Gender-Distinct Language

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a Republican, is making a definitive statement about gender identity in her state by initiating an executive order that insists on the utilization of gender-specific terminology in official communications, specifically when referencing women, thereby banning what she deems as “woke, anti-female language.”

Sanders emphasizes in the document, initially revealed to Fox News Digital, that the unique capabilities of women, particularly giving birth, are grounded in science and should not be obscured or diminished by language. She argues that government entities should embrace, not obliterate, clear gender distinctions.

This directive emerges amidst a national wave of evolving language practices in various institutions, aiming for cultural awareness or inclusivity, which often involves diluting the feminine connotation in words that describe women.

For instance, following a memo from the Arkansas Department of Health that mentioned the adverse impacts of certain chemicals on “pregnant people,” Sanders’ directive will enforce the use of “pregnant women” or “pregnant mom.” It specifies that references to females should be “women” instead of “menstruating persons,” “birth mom” over “birthing person,” “breastfeeding” instead of “chestfeeding,” and “woman” rather than “birth-giver.”

Sanders, the first female governor of Arkansas, has been vocal in her criticism of these linguistic changes, accusing the Biden administration of capitulating to a progressive agenda that fails to recognize fundamental definitions of womanhood.

This policy shift in Arkansas coincides with various incidents nationwide. For example, Portland encouraged municipal employees to avoid words like “women,” “Caucasian,” or “citizen” in favor of more “culturally sensitive” terms. Educational institutions in Vermont and Missouri have also adapted their language, moving away from traditional gendered terms in subjects like science and math.

The movement for inclusivity extends beyond just gender. In some instances, it’s led to the omission of religious terminology and controversial decisions regarding eligibility in women’s sports. Michigan State University, for instance, provided a language guide discouraging the use of certain religious expressions and symbols, promoting more neutral phrases instead.

Sanders plans to officially announce her executive order, which will exclude a range of what she considers absurd terms from state documents, in a ceremony. She’s anticipated to express strong opposition to what she views as an erasure of women’s identity and experiences, criticizing the progressive left for their role in this linguistic shift.

“They’re trying to diminish women and girls, silence us, and dismiss our experiences. Today, we push back against this woke absurdity… The Left initiated this, deeming ‘woman’ an unacceptable term, and disregarding fundamental biology – and even basic grammar,” she’s slated to assert.