Newly released government data reveals a significant drop in illegal border crossings, reaching the lowest levels in over two years. This development brings positive news for President Biden, who has been grappling with one of his toughest challenges. However, despite this trend, House Republicans have seized the opportunity to criticize Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in a lengthy report, accusing him of neglecting his responsibilities at the border. This report sets the stage for a long-anticipated impeachment inquiry.

The comprehensive investigation report, known as “phase 1,” paints Mayorkas as the central figure responsible for the ongoing illegal immigration crisis that has plagued Americans since January 2021. This further underscores the border issue’s significance for Republicans, even as the turmoil in border states has diminished. Notably, the latest government data reveals that monthly illegal border crossings in June reached the lowest level in two years, dipping below 100,000 for the first time within that timeframe.

Since assuming office, President Biden has grappled with logistical, humanitarian, and political challenges arising from a surge in migrants crossing the southern border, amidst an unprecedented wave of migration across the Western Hemisphere. In response to the conclusion of a pandemic policy known as Title 42, which facilitated the swift expulsion of migrants and asylum seekers, Biden implemented strict new asylum restrictions in May. These rules have drawn criticism from immigration advocates and some Democrats. Consequently, the number of border crossings has drastically declined, although the extent to which the new restrictions contributed to this decline remains unclear.