President Biden Promises To Shut Down The Border ‘When It Becomes Overwhelmed,’ You Trust Him?

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Governor Noem Clashes with CNN’s Dana Bash on Border Security Talks 🛂

In a heated exchange on CNN’s “State of the Union,” South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem took a strong stance against the necessity for new border security legislation in a discussion with anchor Dana Bash. Noem argued that President Biden already possesses sufficient authority to enforce border closures without the need for additional laws. “Senators are masters at crafting narratives to enhance their image. My focus is on action, and the President has all the power required to act immediately,” Noem stated.

Bash challenged Noem, questioning why improvements shouldn’t be made to the asylum and detention processes, which she described as chaotic. Noem replied that with a demonstration of genuine commitment and a shift in policies, Biden could mend the flawed immigration system. “Announce policy changes, reallocate resources, and start safeguarding the U.S.,” Noem suggested, implying that such steps would bring Republicans to collaborate on immigration reform. She lamented the current state of partisan disputes that hinder solutions while the country faces challenges.

Noem also expressed her agreement with former President Trump’s criticism of the border deal, labeling it as inadequate. “Expecting Congress to pass effective legislation after decades of failure is unrealistic. The proposed bill would essentially legitimize illegal immigration, a move that Trump rightly opposes,” Noem remarked.

Trump himself has been vocally opposing the border deal, attributing its potential failure to his influence and condemning it as a looming disaster in a flurry of social media activity over the weekend.