Behind The Poll:

According to Madeleine Hubbard For more than half a century, James Bond has been a sleek, womanizing spy, but a future 007 may be “nonbinary,” series producer Barbara Broccoli revealed Friday during the “Girls on Film” podcast.

While the character is “Bond, James Bond,” a person who identifies as nonbinary does not claim to be a specific gender and may use the pronouns “they/them” or even “ze/hir” or their own name as a pronoun. 

Producer Barbara Broccoli is seeking a replacement for Daniel Craig, whose final 007 movie “No Time To Die” was criticized by some as painfully “woke.”

Podcast host Anna Smith asked Broccoli if she thought Bond would always be male. “I do, because I don’t think that we should be making films where women are playing men,” she replied, according to the Daily Mail. 

“I think we should be making more films about women,” she added. “I think Bond will be a man.”

“Nonbinary, perhaps?” Smith followed up. “Maybe one day?” 

“Who knows?” Broccoli responded. “I mean, I think it’s open. We just have to find the right actor.”

The main requirement for a 007 replacement is that the actor must be British, but the traditionally white character may be replaced with a minority. “British, as we know, can be many things,” the producer stated. 

She voiced similar views during a 2020 Variety interview. “He can be of any color, but he is male,” she said.