Jordan Calls Off Third Ballot, Supports McHenry’s Interim Role Through January

In a recent development, Jim Jordan, the head of the House Judiciary Committee, has decided not to proceed with a third attempt to secure the role of speaker in the House of Representatives. Instead, he’s endorsing an initiative to grant interim authority to Patrick McHenry, the current House Speaker Pro Tempore, until January, as verified by Fox News Digital.

Jordan’s chances seemed to diminish after he garnered only 199 votes in the second round of voting, a slight decrease from the 200 votes he received in the initial round.

Securing the speakership required Jordan to obtain 217 votes, leaving little room for dissent within Republican ranks. Information obtained by Fox News indicated his support was likely to dwindle even further in the anticipated Thursday vote.

While Jordan’s camp had previously expressed their intention to push for a third round of voting, hoping to rally additional support, the ongoing deadlock had prompted speculation about other emerging contenders for the position.

Amid growing strain within the Republican faction of the House, GOP members convened in a private session at 11am. Several members who opposed Jordan have reported receiving serious threats due to their refusal to support his speakership bid, a move that Jordan has publicly denounced on multiple occasions.