President Biden has been vocal about his stance on gun control, emphasizing that while he respects the culture, tradition, and concerns of lawful gun owners, he believes that the Second Amendment, like all other rights, is not absolute. This perspective has been reiterated in various speeches and remarks, including those addressing gun violence in America and in the wake of mass shootings. In these instances, Biden has called for new limitations on guns, underscoring the need for what he terms as “common sense gun reform.”

However, Biden’s stance has been met with opposition. Notably, Attorney General Paxton joined a Montana-led letter to President Biden condemning his decision to call for an “assault weapons” ban, which they argue is unconstitutional. The President’s views on gun control have also been highlighted in the context of Supreme Court rulings on gun-related cases, where he has expressed disappointment with decisions that, in his view, challenge the implementation of stricter gun control measures.