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Behind The Poll

The latest research and evidence suggests the COVID-19 pandemic began when the virus leaked (accidentally or intentionally) from the Wuhan Lab in China.

“[A] State Department fact sheet, issued during the final days of the Trump administration, said that several researchers at the lab, a center for the study of coronaviruses and other pathogens, became sick in autumn 2019 ‘with symptoms consistent with both Covid-19 and common seasonal illness,’” The Wall Street Journal wrote.

The second phase of the WHO’s Covid investigation has been obstructed by China. The Gateway Pundit reports, “Communist China has refused to join with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) second phase investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, which is believed to concentrate on the likelihood that the epidemic began in a Chinese laboratory.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz recently said the U.S. needs to seize $5 trillion in reparations from the Chinese Communist Party for their role in the pandemic.