Behind The Poll:

The Psyop, Brainwashing America

The media has learned from the best on how to alter the consciousness of Americans by using brainwashing techniques to sway them. Whether it’s the election called too soon, or the COVID-19 pandemic, the media is well versed in propaganda and manipulation. It’s Psychological warfare or a Psyop. The purpose? To demoralize the opposition, stun them into compliance so that they give up.

Psyop, or Psychological Operations, is warfare conducted with the expressed purpose of beating down the opposition with information that makes their future look hopeless. Keep repeating a thing and people will come to believe it whether it’s true or not.

“Orange man bad.” “Trump is a racist.” Sound familiar? It’s been a psyop all along designed to flip the narrative of a great man before his Presidency to a ‘bad man’ that won the election in 2016.
Faye Higbee