1. The Heat is On for DeSantis: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is under pressure as he states he wouldn’t want to be Trump’s running mate, emphasizing his leadership capabilities by saying, “I’m not a No. 2 guy.”
  2. Trump’s Legal Battles Continue: Former President Trump is opposing a quick trial date in the case related to classified documents, adding another layer of complexity to his potential 2024 run.
  3. Ramaswamy’s Rising Popularity: GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is gaining traction, offering a 10% commission to fundraisers. His unique approach to campaign financing could be a game-changer.
  4. Chris Christie’s Bold Moves: Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is doubling down on his attacks on Trump and advocating for Social Security cuts. His outspoken stance could either make or break his chances in the 2024 race.
  5. RFK Jr.’s Controversial Investments: RFK Jr. has been under scrutiny for his Bitcoin investments, despite claiming he wasn’t an investor. This could potentially impact his credibility among voters.
  6. DeSantis’s Impressive Fundraising: Governor DeSantis has managed to rake in $20 million in just six weeks of his campaign, rivaling Trump’s fundraising prowess.
  7. Trump’s Legal and Financial Challenges: Trump’s fundraising surged in the second quarter as he battled indictments. However, his legal troubles could potentially affect his 2024 campaign.