Behind The Poll:

Dan Crenshaw to his fellow conservatives: Come ‘correct’

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, in short, is a GOP anomaly.
“Unfortunately, many Republicans you trust are lying to you,” Crenshaw tweeted with an accompanied video explaining what the bill does.

And after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Crenshaw torched his colleagues’ arguments for challenging President Joe Biden’s electoral victory, calling claims of voter fraud part of a “mass manipulation” by members of his own party.

“They said they were protecting the Constitution. They knew full well they were shredding it,” he said on his podcast, recorded two days after the attack.

Crenshaw’s position struck some on the Hill as brazen, since he’d joined 125 other House Republicans in backing an unsuccessful lawsuit aimed at getting the Supreme Court to decide whether ballots in four states that Biden won had “significant and unconstitutional irregularities.”

His outspokenness has also prompted questions among his colleagues about where he wants to go next. Crenshaw says he isn’t angling for any senior spot in the GOP, but nor has he ruled anything out.

“If a politician maps out a career that way, they tend to fail. They tend to fail to meet their goals because you will make missteps, you will be inauthentic” by following a predetermined path, Crenshaw said. “What I try to do is set myself up for success for whatever opportunity might arise.”