Behind The Poll:

CNN Called out Biden’s ‘Confusion,’ Now More Media Is Piling On

As we noted over the weekend, in a surprising move for CNN, they were honest and reported on his “confusion” when he was talking about test kits with ABC’s David Muir. He repeatedly called test kits “pills,” then corrected himself and then called them “pills” again even after correcting himself. In a remarkably honest report, CNN took notice of it and pointed out how even the current pledge that the Biden administration made to provide test kits to Americans wouldn’t produce any action until sometime in the future and perhaps was illusory.

“Repeatedly throughout this interview with David Muir, President Biden seems confused and was confusing the half a billion tests that they’ve ordered with a half a billion pills,” Zeleny said. “Of course, pills were in the news today with the Pfizer approval of the anti-viral, so he corrected himself, but that was one thing that stuck out to me.”

Zeleny also points out that the promise for tests in January may be illusory, as well. “There is no sense, from this administration, [tests] will be sent out early in January as the president suggested,” Zeleny explained.
– Nick Arama