Behind the Poll

According to Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, General Mark Milley attempted to secretly circumvent the authority of President Trump, who at the time was the Commander-in-Chief.

Susan Katz Keating reports, “Milley’s alleged actions include making secret calls to the top military officer in Beijing, and holding a clandestine gathering of military officers to demand that they only obey command orders that came through Milley.”

Sen. Rand Paul criticized Milley’s actions, saying, “We could have a nuclear war over a mistake because the general is going outside the line of command to insinuate something that nobody believes to be true, but actually could have started a war. So really, instead of actually calming tensions, he could have actually started an accidental war.”

Retired Army officer Jim Lechner believes that Milley committed treason by promising to give China advance warning of Trump’s hypothetical attack. “[Milley’s] lapse in judgment has resulted in treason,” he said.