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Security Guard Murdered While Protecting News Team Covering Smash-And-Grab Robbery

A security guard was murdered while protecting a news team covering a “flash mob” theft in San Francisco.

Major metropolitan areas — especially San Francisco and other California cities — are battling a wave of smash-and-grab robberies, in which large groups of armed people rob stores and overwhelm employees.

On Wednesday, a crew from KRON4 — a local San Francisco news channel — covered one such story, in which 12 thieves wearing masks and hoods raided a clothing store. As an assailant tried to steal KRON4’s camera equipment, Kevin Nishita — an armed guard hired to protect the crew — was shot in the abdomen. He passed away on Saturday morning after receiving treatment at Highland Hospital.
– Ben Zeisloft

“If Democrats don’t immediately stop smash-and-grab robberies, which are taking place in their cities, the National Guard must be called out. There has never been such a thing that has happened in our Country. Large numbers of stores are leaving San Francisco and other cities. Some chains are closing most of their stores, it is all not even believable.”

-Donald J. Trump, November 30, 2021