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Clinton Foundation donations plunge in 2020, 75% down from 2016 numbers

According to Sophie Mann Donations to the Clinton Foundation dropped to $16 million last year, a figure that represents a 75% decrease from the organization’s peak prosperity when Hillary Clinton was running for president.

The foundation raised millions in the years following Bill Clinton’s presidency and as his wife ascended to political prominence of her own. 

Since COVID-19, however, the group has ceased organizing the kind of high-profile public events that drove millions to the organization. That sort of event-driven loss has been felt across the nonprofit sector since the onset of the pandemic.

According to tax documents reviewed by Axios, in 2020, the Clinton Foundation raise $16.3 million, down from $29.6 in 2019, and $62.9 in 2016. 

Foundation CEO Kevin Thurm said in a statement that accompanied the org’s annual financial that it had been “a difficult year for philanthropy. Across the sector, resources were stretched thinly and fundraising activities were impacted.”

But life at the Clinton Foundation went on fully funded due to the group’s significant endowment, from which funds were pulled to keep all programs rolling along. The endowment actually grew in 2019 and 2020 due to investments across booming sectors and ended 2020 with a value of $235 million.