Behind The Poll:

Kamala Harris Insists Ballot Harvesting, Midnight Drop Boxes, Locking Out Election Observers, and No ID Laws Is About “Keeping Our Standing in the World”

The godless Marxists never sleep.
Unfortunately, the Republican party and a majority of our elected officials STILL do not understand this.

Kamala Harris was out on Face the Nation this weekend pushing the Democrats’ voting legislation.

The Democrats’ bill will cement into place all of the illegal activities they rely on to win elections including ballot harvesting, unattended midnight drop boxes, no voter ID laws, same day registration-voting, and blocking GOP election observers out of the counting rooms. These are just a few of the more notorious cheating tactics they have perfected. The Marxists know if they can’t cheat, they can’t win. That’s why Kamala, the most unpopular Vice President in US history is pushing the voting legislation. They must get this passed to control you and your children and grandchildren and to destroy this great nation with their anti-American destructive agenda.

From her interview today – Via Pam Key at Breitbart.
Jim Hoft