Special counsel Jack Smith obtained a search warrant for former President Trump’s account on X, formerly known as Twitter. The warrant was issued in July, and it ordered X to turn over the documents sought by Smith. The Justice Department (DOJ) also obtained a nondisclosure order that prohibited X from disclosing the existence or contents of the warrant to anyone, including Trump himself.

The filing details a months-long battle between X and the special counsel’s office over the efforts to get information tied to Trump’s account. An appeals court backed a lower court ruling that found that there were “reasonable grounds to believe” that disclosing the warrant to Trump “would seriously jeopardize the ongoing investigation” by giving him “an opportunity to destroy evidence, change patterns of behavior, [or] notify confederates.”

The lower court’s March ruling also found probable cause to search Trump’s Twitter account “for evidence of criminal offenses.” However, the ruling does not offer specific details about DOJ’s warrant or the subpoena.

Biden vs. Trump: 2024 Poll Update 🇺🇸

In a hypothetical rematch for the 2024 presidential election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are currently neck and neck, each garnering 43% support, according to a recent poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College.

Key Insights:

  • Party Support: Trump received slightly more backing from his base, with 88% of registered Republicans supporting him, compared to 83% of Democrats rallying behind Biden.
  • Independent Voters: Biden has a slight edge among independent voters, with 42% favoring him over Trump’s 37%.
  • Voter Sentiment: The survey highlighted a lack of enthusiasm for both candidates. 55% of respondents viewed Trump either somewhat or very unfavorably, while Biden had a similar unfavorable rating at 54%.
  • Economic Focus: Biden is emphasizing the economy as a core part of his 2024 campaign, with 54% of respondents expressing disapproval of his job performance, compared to 39% who approved.
  • Trump’s Legal Battles: Trump is currently facing several criminal investigations, including one related to his alleged interference in the 2020 presidential election.