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The NY Post reports: GOP rips AG Garland for ‘weaponizing’ DOJ in anti-CRT crackdown

Republicans are ripping Attorney General Merrick Garland for “weaponizing” the Department of Justice over his plan to use federal law enforcement to crack down on school parents who oppose critical race theory — saying it is a bid to intimidate political opponents.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said the crackdown was part of a “disturbing trend” in which Democrats are trying to muzzle parents and stop them from having a say in their children’s education.

“Parents have a fundamental right to be lawfully involved in their children’s education.  We should encourage family participation in our school systems, not baselessly attack opposing views because some liberal education officials and special interest groups see it as a threat to the power they want to have over what children learn in America’s classroom,” he said in a statement.  

“This latest decision by President Biden is yet another example of him using his executive power to federalize every sector in our society. He wants to use the IRS to comb through our banking transactions, and now he wants to use his DOJ to target American families who dare to ask questions involving their children’s education.”