Kamala Harris Slams ‘Politically Biased’ Probe into Biden’s Memory Issues

Vice President Kamala Harris forcefully criticized Special Counsel Robert Hur’s findings on President Biden’s classified document management as “politically charged” and “unjustifiably flawed.”

When questioned in Washington about the fairness of Hur’s report, which highlighted several of President Biden’s memory lapses, Harris condemned the special counsel for factual inaccuracies and a lack of professionalism.

“I appreciate this question,” Harris stated. “As the Vice President, I’ve been honored to work alongside President Joe Biden. The assertions made by the special counsel in that report were, from my perspective as an ex-prosecutor, baseless, erroneous, and out of line.”

As Harris continued, her intensity increased, her voice brimming with emotion.

“On October 7th, following a devastating attack in Israel, the President and I were immediately briefed,” she recounted. “During that critical time for the United States’ Commander in Chief, I was present in nearly all subsequent discussions. We engaged extensively with top defense, state, and intelligence officials, and the President was thoroughly involved and informed.

“The portrayal of the President in the report is not only factually incorrect but evidently driven by political motives and completely unnecessary. Therefore, I believe a prosecutor in such a case ought to demonstrate far greater integrity than what was observed.”

Harris received applause for her remarks and then exited the stage.

Special Counsel Hur’s report, released on Thursday, described Biden as a compassionate, well-intentioned individual with memory challenges but decided against recommending any criminal charges after a thorough investigation into his mishandling of classified documents concerning national security.

Hur’s investigation into Biden’s retention of classified materials spanned several months, uncovering documents on various national and foreign policy issues, including sensitive intelligence matters.

Part of Hur’s rationale for not pursuing charges against Biden was based on observed memory lapses, such as forgetting his tenure as vice president, the date of his son Beau’s passing, and specifics of discussions on Afghanistan.

“After our direct encounters and observations, it’s clear that jurors might be inclined to find reasonable doubt,” the report indicated. “Convincing a jury to convict a former president, especially in his eighties, of a serious crime requiring intentional wrongdoing would be challenging.”

Following the report’s release, President Biden firmly maintained his cognitive abilities in a rare evening speech, emphasizing that inquiries about his son’s death were inappropriate.

Appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland as special counsel for the Biden classified documents case, Hur previously led several high-profile corruption and fraud cases as a U.S. Attorney. Nominated by President Trump in 2017 for the U.S. Attorney position in Maryland, Hur was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in 2018.