Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and conservative entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy are both polling at 10% support in the Republican presidential primary, according to a new poll by Emerson College. Former President Donald Trump leads the field with 56% support.

DeSantis has held the second spot in most polls, but his support has declined from 21% in June. Ramaswamy, who is relatively new to the race, has seen his support increase from 2% in June.

The poll was conducted from August 11-13 and surveyed 1,271 registered Republican voters nationwide. The margin of error is +/- 2.8 percentage points.

The poll also found that 62% of Republican voters believe that Trump should run for president again in 2024. However, only 44% of Republican voters say they would definitely vote for Trump if he does run.

The Republican presidential primary is still in its early stages, and it is too early to say who will emerge as the nominee. However, the Emerson College poll suggests that DeSantis and Ramaswamy are two of the candidates to watch.