1. The Second Wave of GOP Candidates: As the 2024 presidential race heats up, a new wave of Republican candidates is preparing to enter the fray. This comes after a period of relative quiet, and it’s expected to shape the GOP field significantly.
  2. DeSantis and Pence’s U-Turn: In a surprising move, struggling candidates DeSantis and Pence have attacked the criminal justice law they once championed. This attempt to appear tough on crime is seen as a strategic move to gain traction in their campaigns.
  3. The AI Influence in Elections: A digital expert has shed light on the evolving role of AI in elections. This new form of propaganda could significantly impact the 2024 US elections, raising concerns about the erosion of democracy.
  4. The Third-Party Dilemma: A US third-party group is considering a 2024 ticket. However, there are concerns that this could inadvertently aid Trump’s potential return to the White House.
  5. The Biden Economy: Despite the overall favorable economic and job market conditions, inflation has been a significant factor driving voter discontent. This has led to a negative perception of the Biden economy, which Republicans are keen to capitalize on.