Historically, Gaetz has been a critic of McCarthy, even declining to support his bid for the role of Speaker in January. Gaetz recently intensified the debate over the Speaker’s position by reaching out to Swalwell on social media, hinting at potential Democratic backing. However, McCarthy believes this outreach is more about an ethics inquiry into Gaetz’s conduct. In a subsequent interview on MSNBC, Gaetz refuted the idea that his actions were driven by this probe.

He emphasized, “I’m probably the most scrutinized individual in Congress, and just now, you witnessed a falsehood from Kevin McCarthy. I’ve never requested his involvement in any ethics issue.”

Gaetz labeled McCarthy’s insinuation—that he sought preferential treatment regarding the complaint—as a complete fabrication, stemming from a desperate man clinging to his position.

The Florida congressman’s push for a change in leadership arose from his desire for an impeachment investigation into President Biden. While McCarthy did endorse such an investigation on Tuesday, Gaetz remarked that it’s merely a timid beginning.