Biden’s Term in Trouble: Polls Show Voters Discontent

Two new national polls have sounded alarm bells for President Biden, showing that voters are deeply unhappy with his job performance and the direction of the country. His approval rating is at a record low, and he is locked in a dead heat with former President Trump in most general election polling.

The polls, conducted by The Washington Post-ABC News and NBC News, found that a majority of voters are dissatisfied with the economy, the cost of living, and Biden’s handling of issues such as the war in Ukraine and the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

In the Post-ABC poll, 44% of respondents said they are worse off than they were four years ago, the highest percentage for any president in the poll since Ronald Reagan in 1986. In the NBC poll, 50% of respondents said they were “very dissatisfied” with the economy.

The polls also found that a majority of voters are concerned about the state of the U.S. economy and the cost of living. In the Post-ABC poll, 74% of respondents said they were concerned about the economy, and 75% said they were concerned about wages. In the NBC poll, 91% of respondents said the cost of food was a negative, and 87% said the same about gas and energy prices.

Biden’s low approval ratings and the high level of voter discontent are warning signs for Democrats. The midterm elections are just a few months away, and the party is at risk of losing control of one or both houses of Congress.

If Biden’s approval ratings do not improve, he could also face an uphill battle in his re-election bid in 2024. Trump is already campaigning for the presidency, and he remains popular among Republican voters.