1. GOP Leader’s Bold Stance Against Trump A senior GOP leader has threatened to resign if Trump secures the party’s nomination. This comes amidst growing tensions within the Republican party, especially after Trump’s reluctance to support the ‘Beat Biden Pledge’ set by the 2024 Republican National Committee.
  2. Caitlyn Jenner’s Disappointment with the US Caitlyn Jenner has expressed her dismay over the recent indictment against Trump in Georgia, stating it’s the first time she’s felt ashamed of her country. She emphasized her patriotic upbringing and criticized the charges against the former president.
  3. Minnesota’s Police Department Resignation The entire police force of Goodhue, Minnesota, has resigned, leaving the city without law enforcement. The police chief had earlier highlighted the lack of applicants willing to join the force, raising concerns about public safety in the city.
  4. Megyn Kelly on Oliver Anthony’s Song Megyn Kelly has shed light on why Oliver Anthony’s song “Rich Men North of Richmond” is resonating with many Americans. The song, which criticizes politicians, echoes the sentiments of many who feel let down by those in power.
  5. Trump’s Big Reveal Former President Donald Trump has teased a significant announcement set for next Monday. He promises to present a comprehensive report on the alleged Presidential Election Fraud in Georgia, hinting at potential exoneration.