Trump’s legal challenges are mounting, yet he remains unapologetically vocal, both online and offline. He’s been taking swipes at legal officials and discussing the very actions that sparked these investigations.

John Lauro, one of Trump’s lawyers for the Jan. 6 case, mentioned in a podcast chat with Florida attorney David Markus, “Typically, we advise clients to stay silent. But with Trump, given his campaign and his inherent nature, silence isn’t an option. It’s a unique situation.” He believes Trump sees these public comments as a political strategy.

On Truth Social, Trump’s posts are raw and unedited. His public addresses often deviate from the script, which has previously complicated his legal situations. As he gears up for the campaign season and contemplates joining the initial GOP primary debate, many believe his candidness might backfire.

Alan Morrison, a law professor at George Washington University, commented, “His words could be used against him in court. Considering his track record, it’s unlikely his comments will benefit him during the trial. I doubt his legal team can rein him in.”

Recent events highlight the potential pitfalls Trump’s candidness could bring to his legal defense.