Behind the Poll

Joe Biden’s son Hunter has taken up artwork in recent years. Now it appears he will be selling some of his paintings for hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of dollars.

These figures are raising eyebrows since Hunter is not widely recognized for his artistic talent.

Kentucky Rep. James Comer wrote a letter to Georges Bergès, the owner of the New York art gallery that will be displaying Biden’s work. The letter says, in part, “As you are undoubtedly aware, the president’s son selling artwork has generated numerous questions surrounding the ethics and propriety of such actions.”

Comer continued, “The prices your gallery has set for these pieces by a new, untrained, celebrity artist are unprecedented. One New York art adviser said such prices are ‘sort of insulting to the art ecosystem, as if anyone could do it.'”

Hunter himself admitted that he would be “amazed if [his] art had sold for $10.”