Behind The Poll:

DeSantis Budget Proposal Includes $8 Million to Send Illegals Who Are Relocated to Florida Into Democrat Areas Like Martha’s Vineyard and Biden’s Home State of Delaware

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis essentially just told the Biden Aministration “if you want them so bad, you can have ’em.”

In response to the federal regime’s mishandling of the border and subsequent flood of illegals that have been transported to Florida, DeSantis has officially introduced a proposal to add $8 million to the state’s budget in order to send those illegals out of the Sunshine State and into Democrat areas such as Marthas Vineyard and Biden’s home state of Delaware. 

According to the Governor, who announced the proposal in a press conference on Friday, if those Democrat areas have to face the reality of unrestricted illegal immigration, the border would be secured within 24 hours.
Julian Conradson