Behind The Poll:

Kevin McCarthy Will Launch 7 Investigations Into Biden Admin if GOP Takes House in 2022

Republicans are thinking ahead and planning their moves in case they are able to take control of Congress in 2022.

More particularly, California Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is already outlining very specific investigations he will start, if Republicans win the majority in the House of Representatives.

Axios reported that McCarthy has begun mapping aggressive probes that will put the Biden administration to task for its last two years.

So far, the list of issues that McCarthy wants to investigate includes seven major points: the IRS leak of billionaires’ tax information to ProPublica,  the NSA, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, border problems, school boards and parents, the handling and origins of the COVID pandemic and the JEDI contract (a cloud-computing contract).

With the House, Senate and presidency all controlled by Democrats now, Republicans need to be promising big changes and to come out swinging if they want to regain control in 2022.
Abby Liebing, The Western Journal